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Balaji Dental Care

About Us

Welcome to the World class Dental Hospital rendering advanced dental care to the people of Hyderabad.

We understand the importance of infection control. We strictly adhere to sterilization protocols, wherein every instrument is scrubbed with a disinfectant. Later it is immersed in ultrasonic bath with disinfecting enzyme. The instruments are then autoclaved. The dental chair is also sterilized daily by disinfecting spray swabbed with a anti-microbial solution twice daily.

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Services We Provide

Balaji Dental Care Treatments

We offer a variety of treatments designed to give you the smile you have always wanted; including all types of braces like metal, ceramic( tooth coloured ), lingual( invisible braces) and self-ligating braces.

Complete Denture

Teeth loss is possible in many people for a variety of reasons including infection, decay and genetic factors.

Dental Implants

Missing and damaged teeth are a common problem for many people. If you are missing your natural teeth you may find that there are other things you miss too.


A dental filling is done to repair or replace damaged tooth structure. The tooth may have been damaged due to a cavity or trauma. Tooth preparation is usually required before placing a filling to remove the decayed part of the tooth.


A crown is a tooth-shaped cover placed over a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed. A crown is made to look like your tooth. Many people call it a cap.

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